How we lost REVERENCE

Aldous Huxley, in his novel Brave New World, paints a bleak picture of how technology can be used to garner control over pretty much everything including how we as individuals think, behave, and how we frame our collective psychological state.

Is it not through the advances of technology over the ages: 

  •    fire,
  •    the lever,
  •    the plow,
  •    the steam engine,
  •    mass production methods,
  •    the atomic bomb, 
  •    the computer chip, and
  •    the internet of things

that we have come to believe we have more and more control over our physical and psychological world? All this technological advancement has contributed to the loss of reverence.

We, through technology have come to believe that we are in control of all things.  Who needs reverence or awe when that is true?

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