Dear Friends,

We are in such a mess.  I don’t know anyone who is not complaining about the sorry state of our world: the bifurcation of wealth, wars, rampant greed, divided politics worldwide, religious conflicts of every stripe, mistreatment of minorities - the list is so very long.

All these problems are man made.  We got ourselves in this mess because we have come to believe that we are in control of all matters when, in fact, we are not.  We have come to revere the wrong things and the wrong rules for living revolving around materialism. 

Perhaps God created us with these tendencies, but no one can argue that conflict of all sorts has become worse in the last decade or two.  

Why is this?  What is missing in our selves, our communities and the world that is fueling such rancor and conflict?  What is the missing element? Have we forgotten something important?

THE MISSING ELEMENT IS REVERENCE - REVERENCE for the One who made us, each other, and the countless bounty in which we live.  We have traded real meaning in our lives for power.  In a nutshell we have traded what is  sacred (reverence) for money.

We have lost our reverence.  Like with electronic devices, we say when they have "lost their smoke” they don’t work anymore.  We have lost our “reverence” and we are not working anymore.  We have come to revere  man-made things, man-made political systems, and recently technology.

The rest of this site is about reverence: 

What is reverence?

How we lost reverence

Consequences of life without reverence

What to do to regain reverence 

I’d like to begin with a quote from Paul Woodruff (a University of Texas Philosophy professor):    

"Reverence begins in a deep understanding of human limitations; from this grows the capacity to be in awe of whatever we believe lies outside our control - God, truth, justice, nature, even death." (from his book Reverence).

Given that our modern world is about self control, societal control, technological control, and environmental control, it is not surprising that we never, even once a week, hear the word reverence.  We think we are in control so who needs awe or reverence?


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